Tinley Park Residents Discover Many Benefits of Service by Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard

Dryer vent cleaning eliminates many dryer related hazards, including dryer fires, carbon monoxide, mold and mildew damage and high energy bills

Tinley Park, IL – Though more people are aware that dryer vent cleaning prevents dryer fires, many still believe it could never happen to them. Dryer vent cleaning allows adequate air flow which is the most important requirement for a safe and efficient clothes dryer. Without air flow, laundry cannot dry, energy bills are significantly higher, and eventually, fire breaks out and spreads rapidly.

Joe Enzenberger provides professional dryer vent installation for homes and businesses while educating consumers in his community. Joe is a certified dryer exhaust specialist who will perform a complete dryer vent inspection and then carefully explain his recommendations to the customer. “I find a problem with 9 out of 10 dryer vent systems that I inspect,” said Enzenberger.

While serving his customer, Joe provides many reasons why dryer vent cleaning is important. Dryer vent cleaning promotes maximum dryer performance to reduce energy bills and eliminate a fire hazard. Proper maintenance prevents excess moisture from entering the home, leading to mold and mildew damage as well as mold related illness to residents. Cleaning the dryer vent system reduces the chance of premature breakdown by eliminating lint accumulation that blocks air flow and causes the dryer to overwork.

Joe Enzenberger also wants consumers who own gas dryers to be aware that clogged dryer vents can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. During the winter months, be sure that the dryer vent outside is not frozen shut or blocked by drifting snow. Joe’s customers appreciate his advice and often refer their friends and family to him.

“Great Service! Dryer Vent Wizard of Will County (http://www.WillCountyIL.DryerVentCleaningNow.com) gave me some vital information about fire safety in my home with regards to my dryer vent. He did really good work and we are happy with the results. Excellent job cleaning and inspecting our dryer vent Thanks again!!!” Paige

“He was extremely professional.” Bridgette H. Westmont IL

“Prompt, efficient, friendly, professional and cleaned up after the job was completed.” Plainfield, IL

Dryer Vent Wizard only installs dryer vent systems that meet current safety standards. Poorly vented clothes dryers can cost an additional $300 per year to operate and cause a dryer fire. By law, all gas dryers must be vented to the outdoors. All fuel-burning appliances need proper ventilation to prevent dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in homes.

Joe Enzenberger is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician, serving homeowners, multi-unit buildings, homeowner associations, residential property managers, hair salons, pet grooming parlors, fitness centers, commercial laundries, assisted living homes, nursing homes and anyone with a clothes dryer. Visit http://dryerventcleaningtinleypark.blogspot.com/ to learn more.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the largest chain of dryer vent cleaning, repair, replacement and alternation specialists in the U.S. with nearly 60 franchisees in major markets. Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees work to promote public awareness on the importance of dryer vent cleaning to prevent dryer fires and save energy. Consumer education while making clothes dryers safer and greener are the main focus of DVW franchisees. Dryer Vent Wizard was founded in 2004 by Dave Lavalle who is also the founder of the Mr. Handyman franchise.

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